Alfresco Wedding With Antipasti

Antipasti Starter Platters

A Selection Of Fine Italian Meats- Including Prosciutto Parma Ham And Salami Served With Fine Cheeses Including Buffalo Mozzarella, Parmigiano and Gorgonzola
– With Artisan Breads. Herb Focaccia, Ciabatta And Bread Sticks- Along With Extra Virgin Olive Oil And Balsamic Vinegar

~Choose Two Meat Options~

Whole Spit Roasted Pig – Spit Roasted From Scratch in Front of You and Your Guests. Seasoned and Prepared to Give the Most Sumptuous Crackling. Served with Glorious Home Made Apple Sauce

– Or –

Whole Spit Roasted Spring Lamb – Roasted From Scratch in Front of You and Your Guests. Carved and Served Straight from the Lamb. Seasoned With Rosemary Served With Mint and a Mustard & Dill Sauce.

– Or –

Whole Spit Roasted Turkey – Carved and Served With Fresh Cranberries and Sage & Onion Stuffing.

– Or –

Whole Spit Roasted Chicken – Carved and Served With Chipolata Sausage, Stuffing and Homemade Onion Gravy

– Or –

Whole Spit Roasted Sirloin Of Beef – Carved and Served Just to Your Liking. With Horseradish Sauce, Yorkshire Puddings And Homemade Red Wine Gravy.

– Served With –

Vegetarian Option Selection

– And –

Crusty Bread Rolls and Selection of Home-Made Sauces

– Alongside –

Select either Salad or Vegetables

Salad Options: (Choose Three)

Fresh Green Leaf, Tomato & Basil, Classic Caesar, Coleslaw, Crispy Thai Salad.


Seasonal Vegetables

Then Choose One Potato Option

Warm New Potatoes In Herb Butter, New Potatoes Roasted With Rosemary And Garlic.

Price Includes Serving TablesChina Crockery And High Quality Disposable Napkins.

Food Served As A Buffet

This Menu Includes:

A Hog Roast Wales chef, catering assistant and waiting staff to prepare and carve your chosen meat.

Prepare all dishes fresh using raw ingredients while meat is cooking

Lay serving table with tablecloth, real crockery and napkins.

All our rubbish to be cleared away discretely and taken off site.